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The question of how to get rich is easy to answer. Buy a dollar, but don’t pay more than 50 cents for it.

Buy a policy worth 14,500 USD , but don’t pay more than 10,000 USD!

Buy a policy worth 36,250 USD , but don’t pay more than 25,000 USD!

Buy a policy worth 145,000 USD , but don’t pay more than 100,000 USD!

Buy a policy worth 1,450,000 USD, but don’t pay more than 1,000,000 USD!

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History & Services

The sale of life insurance policies in the USA has existed for over 100 years.

In 1911, the US Supreme Court ruled in the Grigsby v. Russel case on the legality of the sale of life insurance policies, laying the foundation for the development and trade of US life insurance policies.

The market has been extremely regulated over the last 6-8 years.

Strong legal requirements and guidelines for all market participants make this investment today an extremely interesting opportunity for private investors.

Institutional investors have demonstrably been using this investment for decades.

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Who are we?

Life Trade Invest GmbH is a modern and innovative sales and service company specialising in US secondary market policies – also known as US Life Settlements.

With our entire team, we are at your disposal for professional advice, support and settlement.

We have more than 10 years of experience and know the market like no other.

We have had excellent contacts in the USA for many years and can therefore offer our clients exceptional investments.

We are happy to help you and with our expertise we can provide you with very interesting and stable returns.

We make sure that your project succeeds.

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Life Trade Invest GmbH

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US life settlements are US (risk) life insurance policies from the US secondary market.

If an American (usually elderly or seriously ill) wants to sell his term life insurance during his lifetime, this wish can be realised on the secondary endowment policy market. He exchanges his risk cover, which has become personally worthless for him, for capital during his lifetime.

US life insurance policies are usually only taken out to cover individual risks. If the policyholder is no longer interested in maintaining his contract when his personal circumstances change, he can sell the contract instead of cancelling the policy and receiving only a low surrender value. By selling the policy, the seller usually obtains a higher amount than if he terminated the policy with the insurer.

The first products came to Germany at the beginning of 2003.

The returns depend on the forecast term. As a rule, the yields are between 10% and 12% p.a. calculated on the predicted life expectancy (LE). An example:

Investment total 06/2010 100,000 USD

Forecast LE 48 months

Income (12 p.a.) 48

Repayment Insurance maturity 148,000 USD

The repayment can, for example, take place after 6 months or after 5 years, depending on when the insured event occurs with the life insurance.

This results in different income p.a..

Repayment after 6 months = 96 % p.a.

Repayment after 30 months = 19.2 % p.a.

Repayment after 60 months = 9.6% p.a.

Yes, of course. We will be happy to answer your questions and put you in touch with one of our partners.r.

There are various risks in this asset class. The most important ones are covered.

Longevity risk customer is obliged to pay premiums should the insured still be alive after the forecast (plus 24 additional months, additional reserve). The customer is asked (60 days before due date) to pay premiums pro rata.

This results in a further risk, if not all investors of a policy pay their premiums, the available funds will not be sufficient to pay the complete insurance period. There is a risk of policy loss due to non-payment of premiums. This is referred to as LAPSE of the policy.

Police runs longer than expected – The solution: We try to minimize this partly by TWO different expert opinions, because we take the more conservative expert opinion as a basis. Add an additional 24 months reserve. At the same time, we are working with various German and Swiss physicians to select policies based on specific factors and conduct an intensive internal evaluation. Nevertheless, estimating life expectancy is and remains a prognosis. There will always be exceptions.
Liquidity risk – US policies are an illiquid investment, the client has to wait until the insured event occurs. – The solution: one of our US partners withdraws the policy at any time, 100% of the deposit (third-party market) at the end of the LE.
Bankruptcy of the US insurer – Only policies from insurers with first-class creditworthiness are offered. In the last 150 years, there has been no known case in which a life insurance company was unable to pay out the death benefit. There is deposit insurance in the individual states up to USD 500,000 per policy as well as other protection systems.
Currency risk / opportunity – The investment is made in USD (lead currency). There are solutions for US dollar sensitive customers, please contact us.

We will be happy to send you an overview of all risks. Further information by e-mail and telephone

That is very difficult to answer, because many of the offerers at that time came into the stumble, also nameful offerers were not spared, there are only few good offerers. Therefore it depends on it!

Short checklist:

Do you know the money flow? Who has access to the funds? Who has access to the repayment?

How is premium management regulated? Are there pots? (Attention INTRANSPARENT) Who has access to the pots?

What does the trust agreement look like? Who is the trustee? How many million USD is the financial loss liability insurance?

How many life expectancy reports are used for the policies?

How high are the costs? What is the premium development of the policy?

and many other points….

Ask these questions!

We will be happy to examine your investment project and make you an alternative offer from our long-standing US partners.

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